Make Me An Idol

Go in search of your mother by all means, but don’t count on what you’ll find…

Zelda Madison grew up knowing very little about her mother – only that she had been a dancer, an American, and that she had died. But Zelda learns that her mother was so much more than that. She was an international superstar, an idol – and she is still alive.

Leaving behind her quiet life in a remote fishing village on Flinders Island, Zelda sets off on the journey of a lifetime. Piecing together the few clues left to her, she digs deep into a painful past in the hope she can uncover a new future.

Moving from the rugged Tasmanian coast to the ashrams of India and the Himalayan foothills, Make Me An Idol is a beautifully touching story about how to be a mother, and how live without one.

Praise for Make Me An Idol

‘Spellbinding’ NEW WEEKLY

‘Page-turning... with its depth of feeling, pace and hot subject matter, this novel is undoubtedly headed for great popular success.’ WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN

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